The 7 SEO Blogs with the Funniest Names

Today I noticed on my referrers that I entered the top 100 for “seo blog” which is kind of interesting as I do not optimize for that and barely use the word “blog” on my journal at all ;-)

While checking the other blogs out there I found numerous blogs that bored me to death by calling themselves “SEO Blog” in their titles…

Well, do you really think you can stand out in such a “niche” by calling your blog “SEO Blog”? I doubt that.

So I collected the 7 funniest or strangest SEO blog names out of the top 100 to show you that a little more imagination is possible. I assumed that the HTML title or the URL is the blog title not the keyword stuffed parts of the sites:

  • “Linkrain” – Remember the evergreen “it’s raining men”? I somehow have to think about that song in this case. Unfortunately it seldom rains links, in most cases it takes hard work to get them.
  • SEOdisco, well, as I mentioned above: “It’s raining links” let’s Google dance guys and gals!
  • RagePank, kind of twisted this title, reminds me of the rage of loosing PageRank, but wasn’t this music called “punk“?
  • “Web or Dead” sounds a little like Cuban rhetoric or a mugger in a backstreet “gimme your web or you end up dead!”
  • Beanstalk, well, I’m sorry for poking fun at real names, but have you ever pictured beans talking? Or far worse, a bean stalking you?
  • S-O-S SEO, most people in Germany where it’s the #1 SEO blog would agree: SEO? Help! This is an emergency!
  • SEOTier, this one is for the Germans, in Germany “Tier” means animal and indeed there is a cat picture on the front page. Hm, I always imagined the snake being the SEO animal.

OK, for those who still have difficulties finding a good name for their SEO blog, try “one of the top 10 not yet existing“. On the other hand: You just need 5 SEO blogs so invest your time in a real topic, like SEO 2.0 for instance ;-)