Top 10 SEO Blogs That Do Not Yet Exist

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My article “10 Steps to Success on the ‘Net Without SEO” over at Google Blogoscoped inspired some discussion. Among others one guy who calls himself newsert asked me whether it makes sense to create “another SEO blog”. Of course it does not. Do not create another SEO blog, create a SEO blog that will stick out like a huge stiff penis and shock your potential audience into submission!

To assist potential SEO bloggers: Here is a list of the best 10 not yet existing SEO blogs…

  • Naked SEO blog
  • SEO from Mars
  • Stop SEO blog!
  • Search Engine Onanism
  • Google pays my bills
  • I hate Matt Cutts
  • No Google no cry
  • SEO or SEX?
  • SEO UL (Korean SEO blog)
  • PageRank Fetishism

So what do you think? Got the idea? Btw.: Only humor can make you survive the SEO business.