SEO 2.0 Services 3.5$/h


I’m furious! That’s surprising as it’s difficult to annoy me these days. I turned 35 this year and I’m a web professional for 10 years now so many things don’t bother me anymore. Still there are things that get me raging. It’s the first time that a tweet managed to get me that angry though.

I monitor mentions of “SEO 2.0” on Twitter and most of them are not really relevant or intriguing. I ignore most unless Lee Odden, one of the original industry leaders who propagated the term SEO 2.0 himself mentions the term or something similar happens.

Now yesterday I read a tweet from 3 different sources announcing a job offer, or rather a wage slavery offer for SEO 2.0 services

It said:

#blog #writing #job: SEO 2.0 Researcher/Linkbuilder to drive traffic to
[defunct site]
… ($3.5/hr) –

It contained two broken links. One of them truncated, the other was down yesterday. I could access it today. Let’s cite:

SEO 2.0 Researcher/Linkbuilder to drive traffic to [defunct site]

I am looking for someone to help me build a webpresence for [defunct site] specifically for the chicago, Illinois area Your duties will consist of posting ads on cl, posting premade post on blogs as well as finding relevant content on the web to post to blog, Must be very proficient in using as well as possibly making pages on the blog, This will be an ongoing position so please be dedicated and hardworking. Keywords: Web Research, Data, Entry, WordPress, SEO, linkbuilding, freelancer
Reward $4/hr

I changed the URL in order not to advertise for this website. The actual address sounds similar to the one shown above. What’s wrong with that?

There are several things wrong with this “offer”. Even for a low paid job like writing for the Web or blogging this is a really badly paid job. I assume that the “residential cleaning experts” actually earn more than that. Nobody who is able to write for the Web or to blog needs such a job no matter how desperate you are:

You can earn more money by setting up a blog and writing for yourself, especially if you sell the right affiliate products.

You can sell anything. Affiliate programs like those by Amazon or cover almost every product conceivable.

Besides the ludicrous amount of money offered here I take offense with the use of the term SEO 2.0 to describe low value services like that.

In SEO 2.0 you don’t build links, you get links.

Also even a SEO 1.0 “linkbuilder” paid only 4$ per hour will never be able build quality links. He’ll spam. The SEO industry is still booming despite the ongoing crisis. It’s one of the future industries that will strive for a long time, especially after struggling old media like print or TV will go bankrupt in many cases.

What is SEO & link building worth?
It’s more like 40 – 400$ an hour. Have you read the Moz article about SEO pricing? Also Gab Goldenberg makes it very clear why 1h of his SEO consultation costs 200$.

In case that’s to expensive you might try an offer like the one from Agent 89 for an SEO audit for 225$. This one is really affordable and I can imagine that it’s mostly automated. A consultant using SEO software to assess your site and get the keyword combinations. Anyways: Quality SEO pays for itself.

Building links for yourself will make you much more than 4$ an hour. Don’t even think about doing for someone else for that money. If you can build links you can set up a website for yourself and build them for your own business. Now when you are bright enough to do even basic SEO you should at least charge double digits per hour. Everything else does not make sense.

I repeat: You can earn more by optimizing your own projects. When in doubt how much you should charge just charge more. No joke. The more you charge the more people value you. If you charge a too low price they will assume that your products or services are of low quality.

Try to make a name for yourself. Don’t work as a nameless underground SEO drone. The better your name the more you can charge. In case you live in the US I suggest you join the Freelancers Union to prevent getting ripped off.

OK. Enough said? No, not yet. Let’s take a look at what requirements there are to get the “SEO 2.0 job”:

  1. “posting ads on cl” (Craigslist). When I started doing SEO in 2004 full time a German Craigslist clone was a good way to get links easily and rank in Google. I haven’t done it ever since. So it does make some sense, like the ancient “meta tag optimization”. It’s certainly not SEO 2.0
  2. “posting premade post on blogs”? Sounds like posting the same comment “Thanks, nice post” all over the place for link building it seems. Spam, not SEO.
  3. “finding relevant content on the web to post to blog”. Every content thief does that if I get it right. This is crime not SEO.
  4. “proficient in using as well as possibly making pages on the blog”. Sounds like hacking blogs to create “pages” there. Otherwise it’s nonsense.
  5. “dedicated and hardworking” – In case you are, skip such offers. You’ll be better off self-employed. Working hard on your own blogs will pay more.

This is more of SEO 0.2 if at all. You won’t get SEO 2.0 services for 3.5$/h not even SEO services for 4$. You get crap or spam instead.