Best Search Engine According to Google

Google needs SEO to rank in Google! Why? Let me explain. Today everybody wrote about the Google optimization parody “What if Google had to design their user interface for Google?“. It’s both funny and sad that’s why it’s spectacularly successful everywhere on the web. But how true is it? It’s “more” true than you might think!

Search in Google for

and guess what?

Right now (October 16th, 2007) Google is not even in the top 10 neither for search nor for anyone of those queries in!

SEO Disco came up first with this idea but I took it a little further.

Google is stupid, I told you before. It’s like in the parody, without using the term “search” and enough targeted links that is links with anchor ext like “search” or “search engine” you won’t rank high in Google. That’s why the best search engine according to Google search is…

Dogpile! If you look for “search” MSN aka Live Search is first, followed by Yahoo!