10 Most Obvious SEO 2.0 Benefits of Twitter

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SEO 2.0 is by now known as the best possible combination of using search, social media and blogging to achieve prominence online. Now how does Twitter microblogging fit in there?

I tried to to use Twitter in a SEO 2.0 manner that means both to the advantage of the community/medium I use and also for my own goals

in contrast to just working for free for UGC sites or wasting time on social media.

So I present to you the 10 most obvious SEO 2.0 benefits of Twitter:

1. Getting people to vote for me on other social media
In fact, one of my stories got 9 reviews at StumbleUpon in 2 hours after I announced it on Twitter, I didn’t even ask for a vote

2. Verifying information before posting
I posted a story on Twitter first and then on a niche social news site just to realize that Andy Beard had discovered it was just a rip off of an 2006 story after clicking the links in it.  I did not notice. So I could get it deleted before all of the Internet knew it and ridiculed me (psst, don’t tell anybody about it!)

3. Getting acute problems resolved
When StumbleUpon has moved servers and I was unable to reach it, I was the only one, others could access it. How did I know? I asked on Twitter.

4. Interviewing people and generating content for my blog
During the first days on Twitter I asked a few people to reply to my questions concerning their Twitter usage. At least 5 did reply. I posted the answers in my next Twitter post.

5. Being one of the first to know a story
Social media early adopters and other people find stories online and post them to Twitter first. So in many cases I was the first person to submit these pieces of great content to other social media.

6. Getting a SEO blogging job
In fact I found out about this SEO blogging job via Twitter as far as I remember. I’m not sure though, but I contacted the owner of a notable UK SEO blog via Twitter instead of writing a resume or something first.

7. Getting direct traffic
Now I did not really think about much traffic from Twitter, others apparently get up to 3000 visitors via Twitter but indeed it is significant if you know that 100 or 200 social media power users who also have blogs have visited your site.

8. Networking with influential people
I was able to contact a RWW writer and a story of mine was “liked” by Robert Scoble over at FriendFeed via Twitter as far as I remember.

9. Getting post ideas
One day I was sooo lazy that I needed some external input to be able to blog. I tried with a little cheerleading first but then a follower of mine suggested something crazy. This inspired me to write the 7 Completely Insane Black Hat SEO 2.0 Methods.

10. Blackmailing innocent users
It might sound weird but I have a slight psychological disorder, I like to blackmail innocent users. I love saying things like “Counting. In case I don’t have 200 followers by tomorrow morning (CET) I’ll boycott Twitter!!!

Now all these benefits sound quite selfish and as SEO 2.0 is always a give and take with giving first and then taking what did I do for the other Twitter users? I did #1, #5, #7, #8 from the giving perspective. I’d love to do #2, #3 and #4 for you but you must let me! Ask questions, and ask the right questions!

Anyways, #10 is not fun. Obey and follow me or I will boycott Twitter! I extend the deadline to tomorrow!

Last update: September 13th, 2013.