What is Advanced SEO?

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Recently the SEO industry is buzzing around a relatively new term, advanced SEO.

Advanced SEO is not yet clearly defined but many people already seem to agree what it is. My personal impression as to this inherent definition is: Advanced SEO appears to consist of complex web development and analytics tasks.

Now I wonder:

  1. Is this kind of complex web development and analytics really advanced?
  2. In what other directions SEO could advance to?
  3. Does advancing mean evolving or just getting more complicated?
  4. Why strive for complexity when simplicity is often the best advancement?
  5. Is advanced SEO just another synonym for SEO 2.0?

While I agree that you need to differentiate between basic SEO or SEO basics and advanced SEO I am not sure the current way the SEO industry is advancing along is the ideal course. When we compare the SEO industry to other industries we’ll notice that there efficiency is key not complexity for it’s own sake.

Also in SEO you can’t automate anymore like you could a few years ago, so advancing more and more into the web development and programming direction is a step back.

While there are new tools which of course have to be programmed relying on automation and programming for SEO reasons can backfire due to the fact that more and more human input is introduced into search results ranking.

So at the end of the day SEO is not only about SEO anymore but about

  • content creation
  • social networking
  • and ultimately public relations

SEO becomes increasingly part of a larger marketing strategy.
Currently SEO is advancing in different directions:

  • Complexity (web development, analytics)
  • Social Media (networking, public relations where the public actually is)
  • Content creation (blogging, writing, “multimedia” like Video)

These directions are very different, but the movements towards them takes place at the same time. While some people concentrate only on one of those, others attempt to cover all of them.

That’s my point: You can’t limit yourself to advanced SEO in the sense complex web development and analytics.

Tracking conversions, ROI is fine but you can’t succeed in the long run if you analyzed your perfect customer without ever talking to him. Using meticulously coded websites that make search engines happy will never be a success strategy if you can’t offer killer content.

In SEO 2.0 often the most simple solutions are the best: Why not socialize with the potential consumer or to find out what he wants instead directly of sifting through website usage data?

Yes, sometimes it’s so easy. Don’t scan me, just ask me want I want. It’s done off line “can I help you?” and you can do it online too. So advanced SEO is about making the target audience visit your site and then making the visitor find what s/he wants. This is advanced SEO or SEO 2.0.

In basic SEO you just want

  • to rank
  • get found
  • or garner huge traffic.

In advanced SEO you make sure the traffic is viewed as people, customers, multipliers.

In SEO 2.0 people out there do not hate SEO, they don’t even notice it because it just perfectly fulfills their wishes. Advanced SEO is not about cool programming skills only, it’s about social skills.