Website Review Hochwald IT Blog

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This is #2 of my free website review series:

The Hochwald IT Blog is a blog with a broad topic, written in German. It uses a fresh and unique WordPress theme. It is updated irregularly it seems. The WordPress setup is not the same as everywhere else.

The colors seem to be well chosen as the eye is not annoyed by the contrast but they are too many. Some font sizes are not perfect on Windows without Cleartype so that the anti aliasing does not work well with all of them. Besides that too many different fonts Lucida Sans, Arial, Georgia… have been used. This makes the site a little incoherent.
The two column layout makes a somewhat cluttered impression as the right column is packed with different widgets. Either a three column theme or less widgets would work better with this blog.

The WordPress advantages of linked titles, well known standard page structure, search on the top right are fine with me if it comes to usability. The above mentioned color and font confusion distracts a little.

Well chosen URL structure, good on page optimization by WordPress out of the box and very good overall link popularity of the domain contrast with low activity in the blogosphere and rare links from other blogs. A little socializing could enhance the popularity of the blog. Links to the domain alone do not guarantee traffic.

Overall Impression
This blog is not really pursued with enough fervor. The site is strong, the WordPress installation well done and the topic interesting for a wide audience but there is simply not enough activity. Minor design and usability flaws exist but can be overcome with ease. Also posting regularly makes a blog thrive. The Hochwald IT blog is too dormant to generate traffic on a large scale.

Tad Chef, 7th September 2007