Top 7 Ways to Use Twitter for Marketing Purposes Correctly

Last time I wrote about Twitter and marketing it became the most read by subscribers post on SEO 2.0 ever. By now I think more than 1300 regular SEO 2.0 readers have read it. This by far surpasses any other post. So I want to follow up on this issue. Back then I focused on how not to use Twitter for marketing. Basically I told you not to use Twitter solely as a link list.

This time I’ll show you how to do it right introducing the top 7 ways to use Twitter for marketing purposes correctly in no particular order:

  1. Retweet only few high quality links per day, something like 3 to 5 is a good number
  2. Submit your most valuable posts from your blog or elsewhere (not each and every post)
  3. Crowdsource your posts by offering links or mentions of your contributors from Twitter
  4. Ask and reply to questions from your followers or the people who follow you
  5. Track your most important keywords and react to those tweets that matter most
  6. Track people retweeting or mentioning you and either follow or reward them otherwise (the easiest way is saying “thanks”) or both
  7. Socialize with active, positive and inspiring social networkers even if they are “off topic”, I do with a few wonderful graphic design, green and self improvement tweeple

You see, there’s no voodoo involved in here. This way I gained some very valuable followers on Twitter and while people most of the time don’t want to get links from me most of the other tips are very easy to implement.

To track retweets and mentions of your keywords I use Twilert among others. For a start it’s perfectly enough.