Pupular Niche Social News Communities

There are plenty of specialized social news communities by now, sadly most of them poorly customized Pligg applications with no users but some of them really rock and provide great niche news with a real user community behind them.

So here I present to you these really popular niche social news communities that are a must read in each of it’s niches:

  • DZone – fresh links for developers – DZone is the place to be for programmers and web developers.
  • Hacker News – Hacker News by Ycombinator is a great resource for startup and tech news, not necessarily only for hackers.
  • Design Float – Design Float is quite new but already a good place for design inspiration and resources

Of course this list like most of my lists is purely based on my personal experience and judgment. If I forgot a niche social news community, please add it in the comments and if it rocks I’ll add it to the list.

I won’t add the plethora of Pligg clones where each story gets 2 or 3 votes though. Also poorly designed eye sores won’t make the list.

Last updated: April 14th, 2011. Removed four defunct sites.