Google Suggest Effects on SEO, Search Usage and Business Predictions

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Who the hell is the Gossip Girl?

Google Suggest, a former Google Labs feature, that offers searchers possible search queries based on the number of searches and findings, has been rolled out. Ever since the SEO community is buzzing around the topic coming up with plentiful of possible effects that it will have on SEO or more broader search usage and business.

I haven’t made up my mind yet on that and time will show the effects, but I enjoyed the ideas my blogging colleagues had on Google Suggest’s impact, particularly these 7 predictions:

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To sum it up, Google suggest will:

  • Change searchers behaviour towards pre-chosen keyword combinations and intercept the searcher befor he even clicks on a search result
  • It will make people search more words at a time
  • It will make reputation management much more difficult e.g. suggesting “obama muslim”
  • The long tails will be canalized, a few terms will become more common whereas a large number will become less visible
  • People will use less misspellings
  • There is much opportunity and there are new market niches here

Thanks guys for your ideas. I assume that Google Suggest will indeed have a very big impact on daily business, not only in SEO. This might be even a bigger change than Universal Search until now, which is not widely adopted yet by searchers.