The Best Flash SEO Tutorials

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Flash SEO is either a no-no, experts tend to dismiss SEO for Flash altogether in this case, a matter of creating a text version in HTML/CSS or a rather complex endeavor.
So you have basically 4 options:

  1. Not optimizing Flash at all or not creating a Flash site in the first place
  2. Creating a parallel version in HTML/CSS that looks less “flashy”
  3. Undergoing the more complex measures to optimize an all Flash site
  4. Combining Flash and HTML elements where both fit in best

The fourth is the best one from the start, can not be applied in every case though. #1 is not really an option, it means rather abandoning the Flash project and creating another one. I want to concentrate on #3 as there are still some cases where Flash rocks, even when the site is done completely in Adobe Flash.

Whether it’s a photographer’s site made in Flash, a movie site or a car site, you can still do some search engine optimization for it.

Flash SEO is seldom undertaken but there are nonetheless tried out methods of doing it. I collected here the best tutorials that explain search engine optimization for Flash. They have been written and published between 2006 and 2010:

  1. A modern approach to Flash SEO by deconcept
  2. Does Flash SEO still suck? • Tim Nash “stuff” Blog
  3. 2009 Google Flash SEO « beu blog
  4. How to SEO Flash in 2010 « Get Elastic Ecommerce Blog
  5. Flash and SEO by LeadQual
  6. Using swfobject to Optimize Flash for SEO by LeadQual
  7. Making Flash websites search engine friendly by Roy Tanck
  8. How to SEO Flash by Jonathan Hochman
  9. Merging Flash with SEO |
  10. How do Flash Sites Rank Well? by Aaron Wall

In case you do not want to read those first I give you following simple 3 step advice for doing SEO with Flash sites:

  1. Embed your Flash in PHP and create a distinct URL for every crucial keyframe of the movie, in short: mimic a page
  2. Use XML for all your contents and output it once in your Flash movie and once in an HTML version
  3. Create a non-Flash menu or sitemap where you link all/important keyframe-URLs

Remember that if you or the client can afford Flash he also can afford SEO. Moreover he has less hassle with different browser and platform incompatibilities so he can spend the money on SEO.

Last updated: August 22nd, 2010.