The Best StumbleUpon Resources Outside of SU

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This is an updated post. To enhance your StumbleUpon experience there are great third party StumbleUpon resources. Resources made not by or outside of StumbleUpon itself. Here are the best:

  • StumbleUpon Search is a Google Custom search engine that allows you to search StumbleUpon
  • StumbleUpon Add-ons is a site that collects SU add ons, plug ins and scripts
  • offers more than 20 different user scripts for the popular GreaseMonkey Firefox plug in. These scripts allow you to customize any web page, here the StumbleUpon site ;-)

I’ve explained the ins and outs of StumbleUpon optimization numerous times. More such resources can be found here:

Does it still make sense to use StumbleUpon in 2010 from a SEO or social media optimization point of view? Not really. It’s OK for wasting time stumbling random sites privately but business users are better off with Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn which encourage business usage.

StumbleUpon does not allow using its platform for business purposes.

Promoting your own content on a blog is even forbidden. So it does not make sense to use SU for that purpose because sooner or later your account gets banned.

It’s OK to offer ways to stumble your site for SU users though. You may still get some traffic from the site.

Trying to become a part of the SU community is useless though. That’s not the way StumbleUpon works. Bizarrely the votes of your friends don’t count so it’s better to not have any friends there.

For inspiration I’d recommend Tumblr and image bookmarking sites. SU is just like a US TV station on the Web, you get only the American main stream there.

Originally published on October 1, 2007. Last updated on June 19, 2010.