Two Web Tools to Find Out How a Blog Performs Over Time

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The Passage of Time by ToniVC.

While SEO 2.0 always offers top 7, 10 or more lists, this list here is just a top 3 as for the task of finding out how a blog performs over time you need just these two tools.

Why would you want to find out how a blog performs over time?

Either it’s your blog, you want to buy a blog or you want to find out how another blogger made it and when.

Last but not least for SEO reasons you always want to find out more about other blogs.

So I use these two web tools to find out how a blog performed over time for many reasons which taken altogether could be called SEO 2.0 reasons. OK, here they are:

1. Postrank gives you a quick overview of how a blog’s posts have performed. How often were they commented, linked, how often shared, bookmarked or voted for? It’s superb to find out what’s successful on social media.


2. Feed Compare allows you not only to view your Feedburner stats over time but also to compare it to other bloggers. This will quickly give you an overview on how a blog develops and whether it’s better or worse than your favorite bloggers. While the only way is up for SEO 2.0 I was really outpaced dramatically by some of my blogging colleagues that started almost at the same time as me.

Of course there are numerous other tools but I’m quite tired of all these 101 resources lists while in many cases you just need a few or sometimes only one. These two blog performance testing tools should be enough. If you use other ones, better ones, tell me though.