Top Social News Mashup Sites

Once, when I got stumbled for real I ended up on top of the Internet section of StumbleUpon.

That meant more than 2000 visitors just from SU. Besides, I noticed that some people clicked on the SU link from somewhere else: Social news mashup sites like Popurls which collect all hot topics from around the net favoring social media in most cases.

I use such mashups too as they allow you to quickly scan one day’s current news without clicking too much. So I took the mashups from the referers, the mashups I used before and did some research for more. Now I present to you: The top social news mashups:

  1. Popurls, the classic overview, quite popular
  2. Alltop is like Popurls but for many topics, check out SEO on Alltop to test it
  3. JimmyR sports a quite advanced tabbed interface and supports different media types
  4. THEWEBLIST, nice design, Popurls functionality
  5. Original Signal, best of Web 2.0
  6. SEOmash, the only SEO news source you need ;-)
  7. Qoogle, japanese Popurls version, I love to click stuff where I have no clue what it is (similar to StumbleUpon in a way)
  8. I See News is a collection of global news sources minus the usual suspects (No CNN, BBC etc.)

Well, as you might notice not all of the are social news, Alltop and SEOmash e.g. are more a collection of blogs and news but all of them offer a quick overview what’s going on in the world or a particular discipline.

This post has been first published on Aug 28, 2007. It was last updated on October 15, 2010.