Top 10 Social Media Sites + Lists [Meta-List]

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The proliferation of social media sites has reached an incredible pace. This is great as now every niche has at least one social news outlet.

It is almost impossible to keep track or even find the sites you are looking for. Thus several bloggers have devised lists that not only link the social sites mentioned but also categorize them.

Today I want to share with you a meta-list of the 10 best lists of social media sites.

As most people just want to find out the most influential or popular social media sites I will list them first though:

  1. Facebook – Sharing everything with family and friends
  2. Youtube – Video
  3. LinkedIn – Networking to business people
  4. Twitter – Short message and link sharing
  5. Flickr – Image community
  6. Tumblr – Media sharing and mini-blogging
  7. Google+ – Facebook without friends
  8. MySpace – Music and gossip
  9. StumbleUpon – Discovery/browsing of popular sites
  10. Delicious – Bookmarks and curated lists of links

Here are the lists that encompass hundreds of social sites. Some of them are topical lists others are sorted according to formal or structural criteria:

  1. Top Social Media Sites by Vladimir Prelovac
  2. Categorized List of Social Media and Social Networking Websites | Traffikd
  3. Resource List: 40+ Sites For Writers | Social Media Trader
  4. 48 Social News Websites You Can Use
  5. Social Bookmarking Sites for All Occasions –
  6. 125 Social Bookmarking Sites : Importance of User Generated Tags, Votes and Links
  7. 83 Social News Sites – Categorized By Niche | Squareoak Blog
  8. 67 Foreign Language Social Bookmarking Sites Revealed
  9. 19 Great Music Recommendation Sources
  10. 3spots: All the digg-style applications: The list !!!

Remember though that you can’t possibly participate at dozens of social media sites at the same time. Choose not more than 3 to 5 and focus on these.

Personally I focus on


Last updated: January 6th, 2012.