Top 10 Firefox Extensions for Search, Website Optimization and SEO I Use

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Besides using such obvious Firefox add-ons and toolbars like those for StumbleUpon, Delicious and Browzmi (the StumbleUpon, Twitter & Mixx combination on steroids) what does a holistic SEO 2.0 aficionado like Tad Chef use daily or very often? Here are the top 10 Firefox extensions for search, website optimization and SEO I use:

The original googlebar for Firefox without the call mothership function thus not to mix up with the Google toolbar

Customize Google
Allows me to nuke all that unnecessary and distracting Google Ads in search results among a plethora of other options.

Search Status
This one makes me see who kills which links by nofollow attribute and to take a look at Penis-length, sorry PageRank of sites etc.

This toolbar is just basically a set of short cuts to online tools but nonetheless very useful.

Rank Checker
Aaron Wall’s Rank Checker helps me obsessing about rankings in Google when I feel like SEO 1.0

This extension is both a toolbar and a search results enhancement. I use mainly the latter for SEO research determining who my competition is and how strong

One of the best backlink checkers on the planet, especially due to its design gets even better with the extension.

Social Media for Firefox
You can quickly check how popular a web page is in the most popular social media.

For SEO and website optimization indispensable but also very useful for average web development tasks.

Yellowpipe Lynx Viewer Tool
Take a look at the bare naked website as if you’re blind or a search engine bot, maginificent for all 3 design, usability and SEO.

Any other suggestions? I recently disabled or uninstalled more than half of my Firefox extensions due to them slowing or breaking my Firefox installation so please suggest only the best of the best.