The Only 7 WordPress Plugins Business Bloggers Need


Serious, professional and business bloggers listen up!

Forget all those top 100 WordPress plugins lists, those top 10 SEO plugins for WordPress compilations.

I blog for several blogs now, at 3 of them I’m am the main or only person to do so and I don’t need more than 7 plugins for WordPress. Even these only 7 WordPress plugins business bloggers need are too many in some cases.

With WordPress plugins less is more, for security, clutter and upward compatibility reasons.

While setting up a new business blog I rechecked the plugins I use on my SEO 2.0 blog and elsewhere. You will notice a big surprise. Scroll to the bottom if you can’t await it.

1. Akismet
The one and only anti-comment spam solution. Use Akismet and spam becomes a rarity.

2. WordPress Database Backup
Backs up manually or automatically. Last time my database got hacked I was really glad to have that. A true must have.

3. Link Love
Makes links in comments count in search engines aka removes the default “nofollow” attribute from comment links. It’s a simple plugin but it lets you choose how many comments a person must contribute to get the link love. Why give your readers real links? Why give your guest a cup of tea?


4. Markerly Widget
This is not even a plugin. It’s rather similar to the Google Analytics code. It provides your blog with on demand sharing buttons (just move your mouse over any image here on the blog or select a text snippet with your cursor to see how it works). Did I mention that it provides analytics as well?


5. Brankic Social Media Widget
This widget will display icons leading to your feed and social media accounts. It sports a simple design with 2d icons and is easy to use.

6. WP Super Cache
In case you want to get viral with your content use this. This will mitigate the negative effects of large traffic spikes alias database errors and such.

7. Related Posts by Zemanta
There are dozens of “related posts” plugins and I have been looking for years to find one suiting my requirements. Finally I’ve found WordPress Related Posts shortly before it got acquired by Zemanta. It shows thumbnails and in most cases display really relevant related articles. The only drawback is that it doesn’t work properly on feed readers so you better switch it off in your feed.


Surprise, surprise: I don’t use a one size fits all SEO plugin!

Yes, one of the most outspoken SEO blogs out there does not use popular SEO plugins for WordPress.

It’s partly my SEO 2.0 business blogging philosophy and the fact that I haven’t found a SEO 2.0 WordPress plugin that makes sense to me.

OK, OK, in case you’re into SEO 1.0 and love

  • meta tags
  • fighting duplicate content
  • keyword only URLs

and the likes I recommend the WordPress SEO Plugin by Yoast. I’ve installed it but later deactivated it as I wanted to keep my non search engine optimized WordPress to prove the point that SEO 2.0, that is SEO without conventional SEO, works.

Business bloggers do not need to mess around with too many plugins which are even sometimes interfering with each other. Reduce clutter and keep it simple below the hood too.

Originally published: January 7th, 2009. V2 republished: November 4th, 2013 – Four plugins added or replaced with better ones offering similar features. Last updated: June 13th, 2015.


* Creative Commons image by Thomas Hawk