The Best 10 Green Blogs

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For Blog Action Day I chose not to bore you with my uninformed musings on a green topic. I am not a environmental activist or green blogger myself so I rather tell you where to go to read what’s going on, check out the best 10 green blogs.

I’m a reader of some of those for years now, others I discovered just recently via StumbleUpon, blogroll links or simply Google. So here is the list, the most important and well known blogs dealing with ecology and a sustainable lifestyle come first:

  1. TreeHugger
  2. Inhabitat
  3. WorldChanging
  4. EcoGeek
  5. EcoStreet
  6. The Daily Green
  7. AutoblogGreen
  8. Victoria E
  9. Green Options

While TreeHugger deals with life style and products it has the biggest impact as far I can judge it, it’s all about green cool now since Treehugger appeared in the blogosphere. Inhabitat is similar, focuses more on architecture, I especially love the prefab Friday.

With WorldChanging it’s a different story, they write about activism and cover the bigger picture, the global perspective, basically they are more than a group blog, but they started as one.

EcoGeek presents to you solar powered iPods and similar stuff that’s both geeky and green. EcoStreet offers a great ecology news overview without a special focus it seems to me.

The Daily Green is more down to earth offering real life tips and recipes for “consumers”. I’m kind of up to date when it comes to green cars like hybrids or electric vehicles, but AutoblogGreen has always something new I never heard of. If you think the Toyota Prius is the only environmentally friendly car you will be taught otherwise.

Being a model herself Victoria E presents eco friendly fashion and beauty products along with the other green news. Fair trade and organic fabrics are among the topics.

Green Options is a group green blog covers a wide array of topics ranging from design, energy, food, health to money and business. is about everything green in agriculture, climate change, renewable energy, DIY and even gadgets.

If you are a green blogger or need support for a campaign you can contact me.

I can at least bring you some visitors via StumbleUpon. I already work for the Swiss solar energy federation among others. Also, if you work for a non profit organization like Greenpeace you might want to talk to me or follow one of these SEO for non-profits links.