The 10 Simplest Ways to Boost Your Social Media Credibility Right From the Start

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As a very active social media user, some would probably say power user already, I notice the same mistakes over and over made by new users on social media sites.

On the other hand it’s very easy to boost your social media credibility with very simple measures. So I collected the 10 simplest ways to boost your social media credibility from the start and with little effort:

  1. Use a unique name or nick name which is truly a name! Do not use keywords as your name. Hello Realestate California, how are you? If you are not in it for the quick Google traffic but for long term reputation building change your name in order not to appear to be a spammer.
  2. Use an avatar! On most social sites if you do not use one you will get ignored altogether. On StumbleUpon your stumbles won’t even be displayed without an avatar.
  3. Submit your favorite sites and blog posts! Do not submit your own postings! Especially if you are new to a community do NOT submit your own website or postings as your first action. You’re dead on arrival this way.
  4. Introduce yourself. Say something about yourself on your profile. Do not just start out of nowhere. Let people relate.
  5. Do not vote for everything, vote for the good stuff. Nobody will respect you on social media if you just vote for anything, even crap just to become a power user. Quality beats quantity.
  6. Add other community users with similar interests as your friends. Do not add only top users or dozens users at once.
  7. Socialize across different social media sites. Add your existing Facebook or Twitter friends at the new network you enter. Do not overdo (see #6!)
  8. Add your submissions in the morning or during daytime but not at night. International social news sites like Digg have largely US traffic so if you are in Asia or Europe do not submit at night where nobody reads it.
  9. Submit real life or stories that matter for the broad public not just “blogging, SEO or make money online” only.
  10. Be yourself. Behave like a human being not like a bot or salesperson. Do not sell people anything, give them something for free.

Once you master these ways and it works for a while, you can start thinking about personal gain.

I do not advocate self-exploitation on social media sites. I’m all about give and take but without giving first you can’t take on social media, unless you are not in it for real social media credibility and reputation building.

So use these 10 ways of boosting it and when people start appreciating you will be able to take as well.

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Last updated: March 27th, 2011.