StumbleUpon Traffic Stopped

The “StumbleUpon is the best traffic in the world” thing is over. StumbleUpon stopped sending traffic.

At first I thought I it was just me or the wrong submitters stumbled me etc. etc. but I did some tests and asked people around, also from outside the SEO, meta-blogging and social media marketing niches: StumbleUpon traffic is substantially down.

What happened? I guess it’s a we don’t want bloggers anymore thing. Before I write an article about that I want to ask you:

What was your impression of StumbleUpon lately? Did it send visitors to your blog?

Disclaimer: I do not submit my own posts (just recently stumbled some of them after the traffic ceased) my readers do that. Now it seems my readers can stumble how much they want to no avail. StumbleUpon traffic stopped.

[April 2nd 2008]