StumbleUpon Adds SEO Category

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One of the greatest annoyances with StumbleUpon was the utter lack of an SEO category.

You know SU is a social discovery service that is based on “channel surfing the Web”. Without a matching channel many SEO postings were posted in the Internet category where people got really mad and voted them down. Also the search category is not really intended for SEO.

The best matching StumbleUpon category until now was “marketing” but there are lots of different marketing topics and many marketers don’t do SEO at all.

So finally we got a SEO category on SU. Unfortunately there is a catch. The SEO category is almost completely hidden.

Even I discovered it by accident noticing a post of mine categorized as SEO. Visiting the SEO category page you’ll notice that as of now there are just a bunch of submissions categorized as SEO. So right now the SEO category is a kind of dark room for the SEO perverts, an exile, a ghetto.

We need more people interested in SEO and search marketing to populate it by subscribing.

Otherwise submitting posts there will be like sabotaging them. Subscribe to the SEO category on StumbleUpon now by visiting the SEO page and clicking subscribe. Of course you have to be a member of StumbleUpon in the first place, but believe me it’s worth is, both for business and leisure.

You might argue that there always was a SEO tag on SU. Yeah, right, but you couldn’t submit a post only in using the SEO tag. It would end up uncategorized, thus send out to completely random people no interested at all in SEO. Or worse being sick and tired of it, mixing it up with spam like many people still do.

I haven’t written for a while about StumbleUpon optimization or traffic for a number of reasons. One of them is that I use SU mainly for non-business topics that do not correlate with the stuff I write about on my SEO 2.0 blog. Nonetheless I stumble several search marketing related posts each week.

By now I’m quite an established user on SU with 14k stumbles so I guess my stumble still has some worth. Also many people who follow do so due to being readers here so I hope my call to action will have some impact.

In case you subscribed please tell me in the comments. I might even befriend you if we have more matching interests.

Check out the SEO category on StumbleUpon now!