Social Media Refocus: What Site is Next?

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Dear Readers, over the past years I’ve spent a tremendous amount of time on StumbleUpon, and other social media sites that lost their mojo by now. Lately I’m mostly on Twitter though as it’s

  • most rewarding
  • most interactive
  • and most face to face

as far as it’s possible on the Web. I’ve tried a huge number of other sites in the meantime and also developed a weird gusto for the rare but

I want to expand my social media scope. I want to refocus.

I feel that I can’t achieve much more on Twitter I mentioned above. Engagement is stagnating in one or another way. The annoyances are getting more frequent.

StumbleUpon banned my friends for being bloggers and took away basic functionality while relaunching (you can’t even change categories on your own submissions anymore after the system has added them in the wrong one).

Using social media just out of habit is a bad thing for a SEO. There must also be some business benefit in it. Otherwise it’s like slavery. There still is some use at the above, my reputation building there is rock solid, but I want to know where the next sky is that is no limit for me.

Thus please tell me: Which site should I focus more on and why:

  • LinkedIn?
  • Facebook?
  • MySpace?
  • YouTube?

Any other idea? I’d like to see a business friendly atmosphere, a team pleased with social media mavens and prominent bloggers taking part and some vibrant community.

Last updated: July 27th, 2015.