Silly Marketers: SEO is for Kids

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Many marketers just don’t get it. Either they are plain ignorant, silly or worse. Usually I’m not bashing anybody but this time a post called “Silly Marketer… Mixx Is For Kids” [sic!] makes me think that we are still in 2003. As if social media were something completely new and nobody knew how to deal with them.

Now that link baits exist since 2004 and prevail or rather are already outdated in some cases as many people by now sense the too obvious ones here comes a guy to complain about traffic from Mixx. First off we know that traffic is not the only measurement to look at in SEO. Aside that it’s direct traffic we talk about. So if you get 200 visitors directly via Mixx the number is very similar to Sphinn for instance.

Is Sphinn for kids too?

I’ve been on the front page of both “more than once” so the numbers are not just accidentally more or less the same.

The main problem is not only the focus on the visitors but it’s SEO on social media itself.

In conventional SEO selfishness rules: It’s Selfish Ego Onanism in many cases like saying “Hey, I’m on Digg and got 50.000 visitors”. I’m guilty of that myself sometimes even as a SEO 2.0 but what’s the difference between obsolete SEO and SEO of the 2nd generation? It’s the mindset and thus the approach to the community.

In SEO you are plainly selfish, “you against the rest of the world”, in SEO 2.0 you are social, “you with others to reach common goals”.

So a SEO of the 1.0 kind won’t contribute anything much of value to a community. He will only reap fruits he hasn’t sown on social media. Basically conventional SEO is still largely parasitical. Black hat SEOs are the locusts eating up everything and destroying the plantation. White hat SEOs just take a small part of the crop, but they still come and take away something that’s not theirs.

In SEO 2.0 the mindset changed. We plant the seeds we harvest.

Many conventional SEOs practicing SMO will in most cases come as outsiders and not integrate well with a community.

The transition to SEO 2.0 is everywhere though. On the most basic level it’s providing value to the communities you participate in. Participation is the key term here. SEOs of the 2.0 kind do not only respect the communities and contribute, they build them up.

Now while you take StumbleUpon for instance you’ll see many SEO stumblers contributing really a lot. Still most power users are non-marketers. With Sphinn and Mixx this changed even more: Marketers themselves are either the majority or a big part of power users creating value and building the community from the start. This is no wonder with Sphinn but Mixx is a general interests news community. Still here you will notice that many marketers and well known SEOs among them are power users here.

Also the makers of Mixx actively embraced SMO and SEO specialists, being interviewed at Collective Thoughts for instance.

It’s not the first community I build up with, I did in Germany before so I know how it works.

Once you’re an accepted power user you are part of the community and you’re immune against the “SEO is spam” attacks by notorious SEO haters who in most cases do not contribute anything of value either.

I know that many of the SEO people reading this will think something like “so much work for nothing” and “I don’t buy this SEO 2.0 crap” but you feel it already that you’re wrong.

Still I will address you on your terms. I mentioned “direct traffic” and Sphinn. I did it to make you understand how Mixx already works for me. It’s similar to Sphinn. Right now we have mostly early adopters on Mixx, among them you get a high percentage of SEO ans SMO specialists. Yes, many of my social media friends are there. The same people are on Mixx, Sphinn, StumbleUpon and other platforms. So guess what happens?

Yes, the same people vote for me on different platforms, wherever they encounter my submissions, or they submit my stuff.

That’s in a nutshell the way of SEO 2.0

I just need to submit something to Sphin or mixx to get stumbled for instance. Or to get links. Basically it goes even a step further: I sumbmit someone elses post to Mixx, then s/he will post my stuff on Sphinn and thus I get stumbled, but that’s advanced SEO 2.0 ;-)

In 6 months or a year from now when Mixx will yield 2.000 or 20.000 instead of 200 visitors I’ll be there and I will vote you down if you come to reap my fruits and misuse my community. People at Mixx will trust my judgement on SEO as I will be the SEO guy who was there from almost day one who is a fundamental part of the community, while you will just an outsider trying “to leverage traffic”.

On a side note: I enjoy Mixx very much, it’s the best community until know I participated in. So it’s not work at all. With the wrong mindset you won’t grasp it though.