SEO 2.0 Ebook: Table of Contents

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The SEO 2.0 ebook is ready. I’ve been preparing it for ages. Also I was a bit late to start in the first place. I blog here since summer 2007 and

I should have written and published an SEO 2.0 ebook in the very beginning

It’s never too late they say though. I have started training parkour in my late thirties so I can publish a belated ebook as well, don’t you think?


Beating a dead horse?
As I’m pretty late I couldn’t shake off my doubts at first. Is SEO 2.0, the topic, not the term also obsolete? Is all SEO in some way “2.0” now?

Aren’t’ there enough SEO books, ebooks and white papers out there?

What can I say others haven’t done earlier, better, in more detail? Will people pay real money to read my ebook? In the end I decided not to limit the popularity of the book by demanding upfront payment. I want to spread the knowledge far and wide. Thus it’s FREE!


Providing unique insights
Now that the ebook is ready I know it’s unique just like my blog and you haven’t heard much of what I say in it elsewhere yet. I even discovered the true purpose of SEO 2.0 and

I already consider writing a follow up ebook dealing with it: popularization.

The SEO 2.0 does not focus on the both new old term yet. It provides everything from old school to modern search, social media and blogging advice. In order to give you an overview of what the ebook covers I publish the table of contents of the SEO 2.0 ebook:

1. Preface
1.1 Publishing
1.2. Success
2. SEO 1.0
2.1 Indexing
2.2 Keywords
2.3 Inbound Links
3. SEO 1.0 vs SEO 2.0
4. SEO 2.0
4.1 Community & Tribe
4.2 Influencers vs Peers
4.3 Audience Building
5. Blogging
5.1 Business Blogging
5.2 Curation
6. Social Media
6.1 Conversation, Engagement & ROI
6.2 Twitter
6.3 Facebook vs Pinterest, Tumblr, Google+
6.4 Pinterest
6.5 Tumblr
6.6 Google+
6.7 Sharing
6.8 Popularity
7. Social Search
7.1 Google Updates (Panda, Penguin etc.)
8. Analytics
8.1 Tools
8.2 Metrics
9. Content Marketing & Strategy
10. Future Outlook
11. About Me
12. Updates
13. Creative Commons


Work in progress
Why do I let you preview the table of contents? Well, you may ask me to add even more chapters in my ebook. You may also suggest the specific things to explain in each chapter of the ebook. What do you want to know? I have chosen pretty common topics until now.

The book is a work in progress and will be updated in the future for years to come, just like the blog itself.

In a way the purpose of the book is to summarize the changes of the recent years and to create a blueprint of a strategy to succeed using blogging, social media and search. Make sure to subscribe to the ebook updates to stay on top of the latest version.


Preferred Audience
Who is the book for? It’s for all levels of

  • webmasters
  • writers
  • publishers
  • solopreneurs
  • small business owners
  • activists
  • optimizers

wanting to succeed on the Web no matter how they define their success. I give you the tools and techniques to achieve what you want with this book.


Last update: November 26th, 2015. Added four more chapters, text formatting and a few paragraphs. Update: November 17th, 2014. I added another 7 chapters to the ebook.