SEO Lynching: How to Fool the Angry Mob

SEOs are the new Jews or “Negroes”. People just love to hate them. When they appear in an environment where the angry mob resides they will be insulted as if the respective SEO is the devil himself.

It’s more than the “reputation problem“. The lynch mob is just looking for a scape goat and fighting anyone who does not hide the fact that he does SEO to enhance the linkability, searchability, usability and overall quality of a website.

The mob does not distinguish between spam and SEO.

Everybody who attempts to explain the difference will be gratefully chosen as the favorite scape goat, insulted and even stalked. The SEO haters just know two colors: black and white, SEO is black and they are white.

I made the mistake to repeatedly explain that I am white, which is a no-no. It just does not fit in their heads. They will hate you even more for not admitting to be the SEO devil who destroys the Internet.

People assume that Google is a God like entity which decides objectively which sites are good and which are bad so it’s a sin to try to push sites in the rankings.

As the angry mob is not willing or able to understand what you do, you have to use it’s inherent weakness of distinguishing shades of grey to fool it.

If you optimize websites for search engines or write a SEO blog use some or most of the following tactics to become invisible for the angry mob.

  1. Never admit that you do SEO, use euphemisms like “website optimization” if you have to say what you do
  2. Write a blog about how to succeed online or with blogs and call it “Problogger” instead of “SEO blog” or far worse “SEO 2.0”
  3. Tell the people you’re a Science Fiction writer
  4. Do not write about SEO at all, use SEO methods on your art, science or activism blog or website instead
  5. Install WordPress and do not care for traditional SEO anymore, especially in version 2.3 upwards, as it’s already optimized and Google loves WordPress blogs

If you have to deal with the SEO hating angry mob already do not try to convince them. Fight back. Most SEO haters are eager to get the traffic that comes from bashing SEOs so they will point to your site in the blog posts

  • block referrers from their site
  • do not reply to their attacks, ignore them completely on the conversational level

Most SEO haters out of the angry mob are also hypocrites.

They do not block Google from spidering their sites, they even use WordPress also for getting indexed better in Google and they use many keywords they want to rank for. Indeed many even buy or sell text links!

So check their sites and then submit them to the Google Spam report if they violate the Google Webmaster Guidelines. If they still annoy you, create a website from scratch that targets their topic and outrank ’em with better quality content. It’s easy as negative people are not very good at creating value.
I’ve seen bloggers who mainly bash others personally in their blogs as they have nothing of value to contribute. If they use hate speech based on your occupation on a regular basis you can of course report it

  • to their ISP
  • web hosting company
  • or simply the police

I do not try to convey the impression that all SEO is great and nobody in the SEO industry should be criticized, indeed many should, but the people who offend me and others do not look at who you are or what you do. They just attack without a reason on the assumption that all SEO = evil.