SEO Company, SEO and Search Engine Optimization Google Results Are a Disgrace

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cc: Magic movement by Gojca.

The SEO industry is outraged about search engine optimization leading figure Rand Fishkin of SEOmoz calling the Google (and Yahoo) results for “SEO company” an embarrassment. The main problem about that post seems to be “the outing” of the site currently at #1 for the term SEO company.

The website gets analyzed and their link structure which in fact is quite low quality gets dissected. While it might be indeed viewed as bad style to “out” a company like this, the point of the post, the embarrassment, is true and should be highlighted.

What we see here is that the US search results in this very competitive SEO niche are not the best ones to say the least.

You know what? The key phrase SEO company is not the exception. Take a look at the more generic terms SEO and search engine optimization and you’ll quickly realize that they are even less relevant.

For SEO company we see from the US as of October 29th, 2008:

  1. At #1 a SEO company barely anybody has heard of that optimized its way up with link exchange it seems and probably their own projects, a “network” as SEOs tend to call it
  2. Google ranks second
  3. Then a company that states in their headline “Search engines and directories are the main way Internet users discover web sites.” so it seems they haven’t changed it since 2001
  4. Number 4 is a “News” search result which basically is a press release of a random SEO firm
  5. #5 is a no name no brand SEO company advertising, among others, SEO for AltaVista (good old days again)

So the top 5 are all irrelevant and bad results.

Let’s compare it with other more generic SEO results. What do we see searching for SEO itself?

  1. Wikipedia entry, a SEO for noobs article you only read once in a life time
  2. Wikipedia entry for a Korean first name
  3. At three an infamous SEO forums which holds the official record for the most ads per pixel in the SEO industry
  4. #4 is Google again
  5. This result is basically an institution the initials of happen to be SEO but has nothing to do with the topic

Looking at the search engine optimization results is no good as well:

  1. Wikipedia
  2. Google
  3. The forums mentioned
  4. Another press release again
  5. Here we find a company offering “search engine submission” and “guaranteed results in major search engines” – just no comment.

The top 5 results in all three cases, SEO company, SEO and search engine optimization are either completely irrelevant, outdated and off topic or solely suitable for the first time searcher who never before has heard of SEO.

Do you really think someone searching for a SEO company needs a warning by Google? All of these results are both a disgrace for Google and the SEO industry as a whole. All those search marketers with incredible link power could easily propel the legit SEO resources to the top but most of them are too selfish to even link out. They rather will “PageRank sculpt” and “nofollow” all day.

I used the US based proxy service Proxbrowse to determine these results. In German they are quite different. The situation in the UK is by far better. At #2 for SEO company is a specialist I know personally and who does really great work I’ve seen some examples of already. His site The SEO Company aka can be recommended.

Please tell me, who in your opinion should rank in the top 5 for SEO company, SEO and search engine optimization? Please refrain from self promotion. If you ask me both SEOmoz and SEO Book deserve to be in the top 5 for SEO and search engine optimization.

What about the SEO company results? I’ve collected by now more than 50 SEO company websites or other companies offering SEO services for a follow up on this list. So stay tuned.