SEO Bullshit

Wow! More good ranking news: I ranked #4 for SEO bullshit on for a while!

My main competition was Jason Calacanis who had been cited everywhere for saying

“SEO is bullshit”.

Well, in times of SEO 2.0 you can really say that SEO is bullshit but that’s not what I want to do here. I really prefer the poetic language so I want to use a metaphor: SEO is bullshit!

Like real bullshit (manure) – you can create clean energy from – the SEO bullshit is not all bad.

As most websites are still bullshit if it comes to their user and search engine friendliness as I prefer to call it you of course need some SEO bull to shit down on them.

Enough SEO bullshit for your site can make it a cash cow.

So clean up

  • your site structure
  • your internal links
  • your URLs
  • get the titles right
  • use h1, h2, h3 tags

and so on and so forth.

Then comes the real shit! SEO 2.0! If SEO is bullshit, SEO 2.0 is elephant shit! Basically you just need an elephant, a great site so to say and then to give it some fodder and then wait for huge chunks of shit.

You will see, it works, as everybody notices an elephant around! Everybody will spread the word! There’s an elephant in the neighborhood! Just look at the huge piles of elephant shit!
On a side note, I wonder what the SEOs from India have to say about that…

Do not be afraid of SEO bullshit, it might stink at the beginning but the money of your cash cow does not. But then again: Elephant shit is even greater, that’s why you should use some SEO 2.0!

Why do I have to use such graphic metaphors in the first place? Well, I want to outrank Jason Calacanis for SEO bullshit. It’s the same guy who created a social news site that does not even work and is short of a breakdown all the time and then abandoned it. Do you think such a loser can tell you anything about SEO? Bullshit!

In case you love the stink of fresh SEO bullshit, link to me! Even plain link farmers are welcome!