SEO 2.0 Virus Spreading

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While there are days when no articles appear on the SEO 2.0 blog it does not mean you have to do without SEO 2.0. In fact the SEO 2.0 community is booming and by SEO 2.0 community I mean the community around the Web not on a particular site. There are SEO 2.0 groups, rooms, networks all over the place.

and the latest addition

These are just the “official” SEO 2.0 places. I’ve seen SEO 2.0 groups form without my assistance, on Mashable for instance.

Remember that SEO 2.0 is only a meme. Nobody owns it, the term SEO 2.0 is unlike Web 2.0 not trademarked so it can spread freely and be used by everybody. Although I am probably the strongest proponent of SEO 2.0 right now I did not coin the term. Thus the meme can spread like a virus, exactly the way intended by viral marketing experts.