SEO 2.0 Changes in 2009

Hello dear Readers,

I have the pleasure to announce some minor as well as potentially major changes for both the SEO 2.0 blog and SEO 2.0 as a movement as well.

Let’s start with the tiny ones: You may have noticed that I added a retweet button to my postings. It looks similar to the wide spread Tweetmeme button but it’s not. It’s a better solution by Backtype. I’m really impressed with the

  • ease of use of the WordPress plugin
  • customization options given
  • accuracy of the backtweets results

So you are welcome to tweet & retweet my SEO 2.0 postings. This should be much easier now.

I also did change the no self submission policy on the SEO 2.0 group at Mixx:

You can submit your postings directly now!

I almost stopped participating at Mixx but I still visit the group and read the SEO 2.0 at Mixx feed. I very often stumble, sphinn and tweet stuff I find there so it still makes sense to submit high quality SEO 2.0 resources there.

Yes, I stopped using Mixx after they banned me there for two weeks for complaining about a racist. I do not tolerate racism. As I can’t live without a social news community I moved on to YCombinator Hacker News. You can meet me there.

People hate me there for being moderately critical of Google, pacifist and hype-resistant but I bet they soon will get used to me ;-) At least they don’t hate SEO. They just largely ignore it. From the user perspective it’s a great tech oriented social news source.

OK, now the probably big news. This week I tweeted that

I consider a full fledged sponsorship of this blog.

SEO 2.0 is in the global top 5 for seo blog. Thus I already have a quite big international SEO company who is interested. We’re at a very early stage as of now. I still have to make them an actual offer but in case it works out this would be good news for you:

I would be paid for blogging here so that the post frequency and quality would improve significantly.

Btw. SEO 2.0 as a whole has gained some foothold across the world, especially in France or French speaking countries lately. I’ve seen and read some great SEO 2.0 resources in French in the recent weeks.

So 2009 is the year where SEO 2.0 changes a lot.