SearchWiki: Power to the People! Great News for SEO 2.0

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These are the Google results for SEO I want to see, but Google SearchWiki doesn’t want me to keep.

Most of you have noticed by now, Google has introduced a new set of features to its search called SearchWiki. It’s more of a “Giggle” though as a blogger joked, a combination of Digg-like social news and Google. To me it rather resembles StumbleUpon though.

Anyways: I haven’t posted about it yet because it does not work for me here. I can see the buttons enabling you to

  • vote up/down
  • hide

results as well as the other options like

  • commenting results
  • adding results
  • seeing comments and edits by others

Whenever I change or add something I can’t save it and my changes won’t be displayed next time I visit the results inspite of them being recorder correctly, I can see them checking out my history of edits. I contacted the Google search feedback group like advised a by Google employee but nobody reacted yet, maybe they shouldn’t have get rid of 1/3 of their workforce.

Today I want to speak about what SearchWiki means for SEO 2.0 where SEO and social media converge. In case you are new on or to SEO 2.0 – it’s neither SEO nor social media marketing while entailing some elements of both or at least using the same media, both social and search. So don’t mistake SEO and SEO 2.0 and complain before checking out my older articles on SEO 2.0

OK, as the headline already suggests: SearchWiki is great, it’s terrific for SEO 2.0!

For a long time the SEO 2.0 blog you read now did not show up in Google for any significant search queries due to the methods Google uses to rank sites.

Google prefers old sites and Google needs you to mention keywords all over the place. You need keywords in the title, headline, text, anchor text of internal and external links etc. So basically you have to tweak your website until it looks like crap.

When I started SEO 2.0 I decided to ignore Google and to concentrate on social media plus other websites and blogs as direct traffic sources. I succeeded very quickly and my blog grew to instant popularity thanks to StumbleUpon, Sphinn and other bloggers. Still Google refused to take notice of this.

Google did not even manage to notice that this site is a blog until I decided to tell him by writing a huge “SEO BLOG” in the headline and title and from then on other people told him over and over. So now the Google algorithm finally got it. 15 months later Google has acknowledged my success.

Now, with SearchWiki people get the power back that Google has taken away from them. Now they can customize their own search results. Now who would do that in the first place? The answer is simple:

  1. Internet pros
  2. social media power users
  3. early adopters
  4. people who really care about their topics of interest
  5. experts

Internet pros or people who are at home on the Web will use it to make their virtual home a better place. They will hide all the useless search results for newbies or the outdated ones.

Social media powers users who grew up on social news and social bookmarking will readily embrace another social aspect of the Web. They will vote up the best sites they already new before.

Early adopters will try the new features just for the sake of their novelty, they will play around and discover new uses for them. Some of them will come up with things nobody, even Google, though of.

People who really care for their topics of interest will customize their results in a way where thy can access the best resources directly from page 1 results on Google.

Experts on any subject be it SEO or rocket science will quickly root out the low quality results and add more expert resources to Google. Sooner or later you’ll be able to subscribe to search results managed by others.

All of these people doing what they do by their own motivation are exactly the people who are the driving force of SEO 2.0 Right now they already vote on StumbleUpon, Sphinn or any other social site but in future they’ll do it on Google directly.

The SEO 2.0 blog would have never succeeded in a Web 1.0 environment where I would be forced to wait a year or longer until the bots finally get message. With SearchWiki the people who

  1. have experience
  2. socialize
  3. try out new things
  4. care
  5. have expertise

decide what’s worth it and what not. Bots can’t do that, people can. In fact SearchWiki is a direct competitor of StumbleUpon. They suggest web pages and you have to judge them.

Google will sooner or later improve the results with the user feedback it will get directly for non SearchWiki users too. So no longer will quick link baity SEO 1.0 be enough to rule the search results, you’ll need people who know you and who will recognize you in the search results.

People like SEO 1.0 Jason Calacanis who get thousands of links by tricking others into linking to them will get nuked from the search results.

Btw. Why did I customize the results for SEO not those for SEO 2.0? I’m quite satisfied with most of them. Btw. I’m the source number one for SEO 2.0, I rarely search for other sources ;-)