Quit SEO, Use WordPress

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Before WordPress webmasters had to do “on page optimization”, they had to care for things like “search engine submission”. With WordPress they can quit SEO in those cases. Even “link building” with WordPress is not the same as before.

With WordPress you can concentrate on content creation and socializing with like minded people. In other words WordPress is SEO 2.0.

  • WordPress is already optimized for Google and other search engines. If you use a theme that takes care of SEO you do not even have to install the various SEO plugins.
  • WordPress pings Technorati, Google Blog Search and others automatically. Installing WordPress is equivalent to search engine submission.
  • In SEO 1.0 you had to manually look for links (e.g swap links). With WordPress you just ping blogs or rather particular blog posts of your favorite blogs.

Even unchanged WordPress installations will rank, as URLs like ?p=123 rank technically as well as others even if they are not as self evident as speaking URLs using the post title the way SEO 2.0 does: quit-seo-use-wordpress.

You can enhance your WordPress with some measures like changing the title order from “blog name – post name” to “post name – blog name”, but it does not matter as much as the content and the socializing.

So quit SEO, start SEO 2.0, use WordPress.