Quality Blogs about SEO, Web Design, Blogging You Might Not Know

As an Internet addict I read more blogs on SEO, web design, blogging and a plethora of other topics daily than other people do in a year. I’ll get a good overview quickly which quality blogs really matter or stand out while other people have to stick to the same old blogs.

In case you have more time to spend on blog reading take into consideration checking out these blogs that I collected during my virtual journeys.

  • David Airey – David Airey writes about a wide range of topics, the freelance designer manages to combine all of them with ease
  • Chris Garrett – Chris Garrett combines professionalism with empathy and a keen mind, he offers fresh insights you won’t find anywhere else
  • Vandelay DesignVandelay is of course well known but the quality is better than ever covering web design, coding, blogging and even some SEO.

You might recognize some of those above mentioned as some of the above are my virtual friends for years and others are by now very popular. You see, socializing on the Web is the best way of blog marketing, be active and other bloggers will notice you.

You also noticed probably that I do not solely concentrate on the topics mentioned above, SEO, web design and blogging. You need a holistic perspective to succeed online.

Formerly updated: November 17th, 2010: Removed by now inactive blogs. Last updated: July 22nd, 2015: Removed more inactive blogs.