No-Go Area Digg: Top 10 Digg Criminals, Perverts and Mad Men


Crime Scene by freefotouk.

As a social media fan and Mixx user I’m appalled by the horrendous conditions people over on Digg have to work at: No pay, no regulated work hours and they can be fired any day for any reason.

Digg is really a no-go area for decent netizens.

That’s why only shady figures and downright criminals stay over at Digg. That’s nothing new. Recently though some really horrible ongoings have taken place that motivated me to put those low down characters over at Digg on display: Look and loathe!

The top 10 Digg criminals, perverts and mad men:

  1. MrBabyMan: Highly despicable! Cleptomaniac. Crime: Content theft in thousands of cases. He has stolen content from other Digg users again and again and submitted it as his own! And he keeps all of it for himself while others are starving to get to the frontpage! Also reads faster than the thought police allows, especially images!
  2. msaleem: Unamarican! Spy. Crime: Infiltration of American culture. Look at this guy’s name! Some sources say that this is just a charade and it’s really a short form of Marketing Sales Emperor. Either way he infiltrates Digg to make young American males unwilling to fight new wars while they drown in consumerism advocating property destruction and animal cruelty at the same time.
  3. zaibatsu: Just obscene! Sexual deviant. Crime: Selling used panties of a woman who’s not even his wife! Even Digg decided to end this, I mean he could go on like this for another few years! Just imagine that.
  4. MakiMaki: Incredibly ruthless! Serial marketer. MakiMaki stands for “Marketing Killing Internet” (twice). We all know that buying and selling goods is unethical, especially to make money, that’s why we grow our own food in the backyard! Now this guy is so ruthless he will not only do that while everybody is watching, he even tries to make others do it too!
  5. supernova17: Infamous in the whole galaxy. Solar system destroyer. Crime: This guy just destroyed a whole sun! He exploded it from within and he wasn’t even of legal age when did it, he wasn’t even 18!
  6. mklopez: Just illegal. Illegal alien. Crime: Working for Digg without legal permit or green card. Crossing the border via the Internet. Popularizing his sister with a big booty. Where the hell are the minute men?
  7. digitalgopher: Posing as sweet. Rat. Crime: Eating cables and wires all over the Internets. Spreading contagious viruses.
  8. CLIFFosakaJAPAN: Japanese! Kamikaze. Crime: Being Japanese. Come on! The Japanese attacked us at Pearl Harbor. Then they attacked the American culture by producing smaller cars. Finally they dared to work faster, longer hours an cheaper and build cars that burn less gas! They even invented the Kyoto protocol to destroy true American lifestyle!
  9. skored: Cunning! Linguist. Crime: Destroying American heritage and language! Bad influence on the youth: It’s “scored” stoopid!
  10. AlbertPacino: Known for his mafia connections: Bad actor. Crime: Identity theft. He stole the identity of one of the most important criminal impersonators. He reportedly killed him first.

You still don’t believe that Digg is the stinkiest cess pool around? Then read this, this and this!

If you read this make sure that your daughter, wife or grand mother never enters the Digg graveyard! They’ll probably won’t come back and will be forced to sell their used panties there.