New Categories: Blogging, John Chow, Money, Search and StumbleUpon

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During the last weeks I noticed that I write rather often about certain topics that are not reflected in my categories. Moreover as time goes by I and my blog evolved. For instance when starting SEO 2.0 seven weeks ago I did not anticipate being a StumbleUpon power-user whatsoever.

Also I realized that I can not blog about SEO, design and usability without writing about blogging itself. So I decided to add those two categories, StumbleUpon and blogging along with 3 others, in alphabetical order:

  • Blogging, see above for explanation
  • John Chow: Future generations won’t know who John Chow was, they will just say “come on, let’s make a chow” (succeed quickly and thoroughly in an online business), or “don’t john chow on me” (do not envy me for being successful online), also “chow bello” (I make more money online than you) will be widely used
  • Money, apparently everybody needs to make a living, so why not quit your boring job and do something that’s fun?
  • Search – The Google dominance is not as complete as you might think, and as a SEO I know what’s going on here
  • StumbleUpon, well, you already know it, I’m lost at SU

My DM Bloodless WordPress theme has a very unique way of displaying categories but now with 5 new added it looks quite cluttered. Don’t you think I should drop some superfluous categories? Those 5 seem to be largely irrelevant to me, but I’m not sure:

  • Bullshit, sounds great to scare off the business people, but basically it’s mostly the same as the “fun” cat don’t you think?
  • White hat, did you notice how many black hat SEO techniques I mentioned at SEO 2.0? Zero. So why differentiate. SEO 2.0 is all white hat. Besides, it’s not even that as it’s not even SEO anymore.
  • Google, I did not expect this, but I hardly mention Google. Why? Google sends me 20 visitors per day while StumbleUpon does bring ten or hundred times as many, so why should they play such a prominent role?
  • SEO, with SEO 2.0 as a category, having two search engine optimization categories might seem to much. I am not sure. Of course most SEO is not SEO 2.0 but does this categorization add real value for you, the users?
  • whatever, well this is a non category from the start. WordPress forced you to use a category in older versions but now does not anymore as far as I can see

I know that most of you are experienced bloggers, designers and other experts, so what do you think? Or do you use categories at all? Should I switch to tags anyways? SEO 2.0 is about communication, so tell me.