My 20 Friends at StumbleUpon

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As I am continously gaining popularity on StumbleUpon at a fast pace I wanted to take a break and introduce to you my by now 20 friends at StumbleUpon. Those stumblers are the creme de la creme of the Net. Hyperactive, prolific bloggers, social media power-users and SMO/SEO experts. But not all of them, if you look for a SEO stumblers overview move on to Cornwall SEO. Although many of those stumblers do SEO it’s not the main focus of this overview to highlight that.

The most apparent reason why you should get some interesting friends on SU is: You get their reviews presented on your SU page. Imagine your friends or industry experts writing a daily newspaper for you. Reading the reviews of your SU friends is just like that. So if you want to befriend me on SU take a look at what you review. Moreover I want to move away from SEO only stumbling as I you do not live off bread alone as we say in Germany.
In future I will add more art, design and progress oriented stumblers to my friends list so thatmy focus doesn‘t narrow too much.

So finally here is the list, every single person here is outstanding in at least one way, so I attempt to summarize it in one sentence for each of them. The list is not sorted in any logical or hierarchical way.

  • Glen-Allsopp – Glen is an incredible youngster with a deep insight in what’s going on in social media, make sure to hire him before he gets to expensive
  • webgeekgirl – She manages to surprise me with great posts about SEO that I did not know (and normally I know just about everything about SEO!)
  • marc2242marc2242 aka Vandelay is a jack of all trades in best sense of it, he delivers web design, blogging and SEO news among others
  • braveheartdesign – This guy is the expert if it comes to social media optimization, down to earth rock solid industry news
  • RMonkeyGirl – She is the proof that SEOs are not ugly, just watch her pic and read her submissions
  • skellieSkellie is the goddess of content creation and blog usability, what more can I say?
  • autorave – This guy is not only the better John Chow (you probably read his blog), he is one of the most interesting stumblers and social media power users
  • nowsourcing – If you want o know how to succeed on any and every social site out there watch nowsourcing closely
  • tamar– Along with Glen, autorave and Mr. Saleem she is one of the most active social media users out there, don’t mess with her or your social media site is doomed
  • kenxu – This great blogger from Indonesia is one of the rising stars of the international problogger scene
  • SebastianX – Sebastian knows much more than me about WordPress, SEO or any other discipline he touches. That’s scary!
  • codswallops – I admit, he a SEO expert from Israel and he looks like a computer generated character, 3 reasons to befriend him ;-)
  • kelvinshuffle – Kelvin works for one of the best designed SEO companies in the world
  • zaibatsuSU – This SU power user collects unique, funny and rare images I do not want to miss anymore in my daily life
  • Wiep – This blogger simply knows what he is talking about, seen him everywhere even before joining SU
  • SEOCO – This SEO specialist is just so like minded with me that instead of scanning the net for myself it’s enough to check out his stumbles
  • msaleemstumbl – omnipresent and prolific writer and social media power user, known for his expertise and also stumbling refreshing news about progressive politics
  • Pingabledotorg – One of my favorite bloggers, who sadly writes not often enough, I hope he stumbles more as it’s not that time comsuming
  • karthik26 – Ram is a very imaginative blogger from India and an early adopter, check him out for new trends
  • SimonaLucera – This gal is probably a dirty old man, but she looks terrific and provides outstanding images on SU

So you see, with all those great personalities out there StumbleUpon seems the place to be right now. They sift through the information overload out there and presents you the best of the best, not only for the SEO industry.