Me & 4 Blogging Experts or Simply Put my Clique


Did you know that as a teenager I had to fight with a gang leader to be able to join his clique? I guess we have watched too many American movies and listened too much to gangster rap but aren’t all Mexicans cholos ? ;-)

What was most striking about this fight which wasn’t that bad, it was more of a scuffle without a bloody outcome, was that exactly at the lawn we fought there was the hugest pile of dog-shit lying around I have ever seen in my life!

Now guess what? Did I end up with my face in it? Well, actually I didn’t and I wonder to this day how we managed not to notice it in the first place and how we didn’t end up smeared all over with it.

Nowadays it’s much easier to join a clique for bloggers. Some exceptional blogging experts have joined me.

The best thing about my clique is that they aren’t ugly SEO spammers who hide in dark alleys like I am, but they’re real bloggers!

So let me introduce my 4 clique members:

  • Wayne of Blah! Blah! Technology (or is it all lowercase) is a down to earth as well as rock solid web developer with a unique design taste. He is not afraid to disagree with fake Mexicans and former gang members and has a blog about a wide range of technology related topics. He has an original take on what’s going on, so he even manages to turn old news into something worth to tell.
  • Pearl who is the woman behind Interesting Observations who just hit the front page of Digg, and became popular on StumbleUpon at the same time. What more can I say? she writes about blogging, social media, the web, also 2.0 and self improvement among others. She’s a Jane of all trades in e positive sense.
  • Fred of Newest on the Net is a very active hard working blogger who devises posts for eternity. Thus he is already highly successful while blogging only for a few months by now. He is also very active on some social media I participate.
  • Lidija of BlogWell does not have to be introduced anymore I guess as she contributed two fabulous and highly popular posts to SEO 2.0. nonetheless it should be noted that she is a long standing media expert with blogging being a stage of her publishing career which has also included numerous other media outlets. She is a gifted writer and a passionate contributor.