Keyword Research: SEO 2.0 on the Rise – Says Google “Insights”

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Google Insights graph: SEO 2.0 light blue, findability green.

Google released today a new keyword research tool called Google Insights for Search which in short fulfills the dreams of search marketers. It’s like Google Trends but much more accurate and truly insightful. It’s in fact more of a search analytics tool, similar to Compete Search Analytics [SEO 2.0 partner-link].

Compete offers some other metrics than Google Insights so it’s still useful. On the other hand now everybody can use much more accurate keyword and search frequency data for free and without hassle the Google Adwords tools posed:

Traffic Estimator and Keyword-Tool.

I tested the new Google Insights tool to find out that SEO 2.0 is on the rise. Like in Google Trends you can compare it to other keywords or phrases. Two of them were suggested by the tool itself:

Web 2.0 SEO and SEO Web 2.0.

I added findability and advanced SEO to have a better comparison. It surprised me to find out that findability loses ground while SEO 2.0 is going through the roof.

For the entire period of time (since 2004) findability has still a small lead in total numbers: