Kevin Rose Explains How to Spam Twitter and Everybody Loves it


CC: Cut here by Phoney Nickle.

Kevin “cut teats” Rose, not only infamous for his sexist remarks but also as a failed entrepreneur who “pownced” his microblogging community is also known for his hate of SEO.

In an interview he once explained that it’s a “whole industry dedicated to spam”. It’s no wonder that on Digg, the highly biased social news site some topics, especially SEO were banned.

Many people don’t know that and submit my articles over there in spite of me not offering “Digg this” buttons whatsoever and waste their precious time. Successful stories about search engine optimization get buried, no matter how popular they are.

Instead I encourage you to share my posts on Twitter or Google+ where I am a known and respected community member.

The more I was astounded by a recent guest post of the same Kevin Rose on TechCrunch where he not only deals with Twitter SEO but also encourages using Twitter spamming techniques.

Most notably Kevin Rose advocates setting up fake contests to artificially inflate your number of followers.

Still, that’s not a scandal by itself. It’s the overwhelming reaction on Twitter and elsewhere: Everybody loves it!

It just depends on who says it, when an “evil SEO blogger” dares to utter how you can optimize your site it’s “SEO spam” but when a poster boy of the geek generation talks crap everybody claps.

This outrageous incident is the more intriguing as Kevin Rose also gives another infamous link baiter and self proclaimed SEO hater Jason “SEO bullshit” Calacanis as a good example for staging fake contest to artificially inflate your number of followers on Twitter.

OK, enough of this blog rage.

Let me explain a few things about Twitter optimization so that you don’t fall for bogus “advice” like this.

Who am I to give you Twitter optimization advice? Do I have 30k followers or something? Now, I have “just” around 6000 but that doesn’t matter as Twitter optimization is not about having thousands of sheep following you. I used Twitter for a few months and had enough insight by to write a Twitter optimization series for a client blog.

Twitter optimization is about

  • successful social networking
  • a tight group of friends and supporters
  • reputation and trust by connectors and active users
  • contact with real people, real Twitter users
  • dialogue not monologue

Unless your name is Barack Obama and you have a whole team of people managing your Twitter account it does not work in a way Cut Teats and SEO Bullshit use it.

A few months ago when I still had around 200 friends and followers Twitter worked much better for me than now. It’s like in real life, you can’t have a dozen best friends. On Twitter the more “friends” and followers you get the less you communicate with those you have.

So I give you a down to earth Twitter SEO advice:

  • Don’t try to be a like a fake celebrity.
  • Connect with your real friends and like minded people on Twitter and support each other.
  • Stop inflating your follower numbers for Christ’s sake.

In case you believe what people like Cut Teats and SEO Bullshit say, just listen to the link bait crap they said earlier. Jason Calacanis for instance declared “blogging dead” or his web directory to be “Web 3.0”.

Do you really want to be like him and stake a fake contest where people just follow you to get a MacBook or an iPod? This is ridiculous. These guys would kill their own mothers for publicity.

Do you want to be like Kevin Rose who abandoned his company Pownce to support competitor Twitter now? He’s a traitor on his staff and his users.

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