It’s Magic: Content Creation and Link Building While You’re Away

During the holidays I was off line. Nonetheless SEO 2.0 gained many new links and several postings were published at this blog while I was on vacation. Now as I am not a company but a single guy you might wonder how I did it. In a way it was magic as I did it without touching a computer or any other device which enables you to work on a blog.

Can you do content creation and link building while you are away or offline?

I’m sure you can by writing before leaving or running some shady scripts but this blog is not about SEO it’s about SEO 2.0 so I will tell you how it works:

  • Forget link building, focus on getting links
  • Do not focus solely on content creation (writing yourself), expand your scope to content generation

Although I do not like the term user generated content (UGC) at all, it implies exploitation and a technocratic view of the user as a machine-like generator I have to speak of content generation.

I had several accomplished bloggers write guest posts for me. It’s of course guest blogging not conventional UGC but I did not want to narrow the posts topic to guest blogging as this topic has been covered with due diligence by many others already.

Guest blogging is the #1 method for bloggers of harnessing the power of user generated content/UGC. Unlike with many of the huge corporations that live off your unpaid work it’s a win to win situation for both bloggers, the contributing and the publishing one.

I want to thank you my fabulous guest bloggers at first though. People, you have done an excellent job! I am really glad I allowed you all to write for SEO 2.0. The results were even better than expected, and I expected a lot. Sadly during the holidays traffic is naturally not as good as usual so you did not get the attention the posts deserved (yet):

As this two weeks of guest blogging were truly a success I want to tell you how I made it work. It’s simple.

  1. Ask people to guest blog who are good bloggers themselves.
  2. Ask them where they hang out, on a social network for instance, do not just post only a “who wants to guest blog for me?” question in your blog.
  3. Choose bloggers who you know read your blog beforehand, those who voted for you or commented already on your blog.
  4. Ask people to come up with an idea first, before they actually guest blog.
  5. If you like the idea give it a go and do not interfere.
  6. Rely on trust. Do not impose too many changes beforehand or afterwards. Most people try to fit in best with your blog anyways.
  7. If you had a great and trustworthy guest blogger before as her or him to be a blog sitter.
  8. Make the blog sitter responsible for the guest posts. Do not let people who blog for the first time at your blog without any assistance.
  9. Promise your guest bloggers something of value to them: An opportunity to promote themselves with your blog.
  10. Sit back and enjoy.

Happy New Year to you all! I hope it’ll be a successful one for all of us. In fact it will if we continue to work together in the same manner we started in 2007.

If you want to submit guest blog posts to SEO 2.0 feel free to contact me via email at onreact at