In 2009 SEO 3.0 Arrives!

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CC: Cheers 2009! by vv.

Hello Everybody in 2009!

In 2009 SEO 3.0 arrives! Just joking, SEO 2.0 stays SEO 2.0 – only the year has changed.

I’ve been away for a few days and before that

I’ve been pretty silent due to my expanding blogging business.

I offer business blogging for a new client now which is pretty much the biggest blog project of mine to date.

It combines both the organic SEO campaign with the business blog so this will be a real flagship blog. The blog is in German so that I won’t link it: I will just report how it develops and enable you to reenact the steps that will be successful and omit my mistakes.

I preached blogging as a must have for a while now so it’s only logical that I offer my clients business blogging services instead of good old SEO 1.0 link building.

By now I’m more of a business blogger or problogger than an SEO.

Meanwhile another blog project of mine turned profitable last year, that means it earns more money per month than it costs (the time I work on it included). So here also I will be able to teach you how to set up a profitable blog without much effort. Indeed it was easier than expected once I got it right.

On my SEO 2.0 blog I will add more topics I focus on:

  • I noticed that Twitter turned to one of the most important platforms and over at SEOptimise I started a whole Twitter optimization series, part 3 is coming soon.
  • Ethics will be a major focus in 2009.
  • I will feature blog monetization techniques and the SEO 2.0 blog itself will become profitable this year.

What more do you want to see covered in 2009? Add your ideas and requests in the comment section!

What about SEO 3.0 then? Well, who knows! I’m always on the look out for innovation, maybe I’ll find out that there is more than SEO 2.0 going on out there?

Happy new year!