How to Get Links on SEO 2.0 and Other Blogs

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Image: Node by Uqbar.

As both business blogger and SEO am I aware of both sides of “link building”. I get lots of spammy comments from Asian “blog commenting services” but

I also appreciate blog comments by fellow SEO practicioners, I mean real people with a name in the SEO industry. I blog for clients about other topics as well, topics not related to SEO and I’ve been blogging privately since 2003.

While SEO 2.0 has been around for years, many people still practice low quality link building techniques like worthless blog commenting for the sheer number of anchor-text rich links.

In SEO 2.0 we don’t build links, we get links.

That means that you don’t have to force your link upon others. Others give you a link out of their own accord. In fact they are often glad to link to you. That’s one of the most important differences between SEO 2.0 and conventional SEO.

You may call it social SEO, SMSEO, findability, inbound marketing or SEO 2.0 – the long term strategy these days is the same: Make people link to you.

You can’t make people link to you by being an ass or just ass kissing. You can, but that only works sporadically.

Getting links SEO 2.0 style is convincing other people that you are worth it.

Once you have convinced them they will link to you again and again. That’s the whole secret.

I have covered the basics of getting links a few times already. This time I want to focus on how to get links from blogs. I will use an example close to home, this blog here, SEO 2.0

Blog Commenting

Just add a meaningful comment here, saying something more than “thank you, great post”. Do it three times and your link will be “dofollow”. Add a link to an additional resource (not necessarily your own) and you get credited in the post itself with an extra link to your site. That’s not that difficult. It doesn’t work of course if you offer services like “200 links for 10$”. Then just f*#k off. Many bloggers are grateful when you add value in the comments. Some will even credit a whole post to you.


In case you use a WordPress blog you can easily notify me that you have published a post that links to me. It works automatically unless you have switched it off. I consider to make all pingbacks dofollow. Some other blogs already do. Their comments are nofollow but their pingbacks (and trackbacks) are real links. Of course, like above, you can end up linked as an additional resource in the editorial part of the post itself. Moreover I will check out your blog and know about you. This might be a beginning of a link love relationship.

Guest Posting

Guest posting is highly popular these days. Some friends of mine even offer services for guest bloggers. I’ve written down my guest blogging guidelines just a while ago. Most bloggers either actively seek out guest postings or are open minded enough to publish them when approached.

Make sure to read the blog first and find out what favorite topics the blogger has, what kind of audience s/he attracts and how their writing style sounds. For instance some people want to publish posts o SEO 2.0 that explain SEO basics in an article directory style of writing. I can’t publish that.

People reading SEO 2.0 expect advanced SEO and a juicy language. They don’t want to get bored with another “content is king”, “what is SEO” or “on page optimization basics” posts.


Sometimes an interview is the best way to deal with a certain type of news. I publish interviews whenever I can and I can more often than I am able to write a post myself. After all, for interviews I only need to write the questions. Just look at the people I’ve interviewed in the past: Patrick Gavin of DIYSEO, Steven Snell of Vandelay Design, Frances Mary Krug of Search Marketing Standard. They may not be the superstars of search, social media and blogging but they have dome something important and they are around for a while.

Be around for a while as well and when the time comes to launch something or a newsworthy event will happen I will be glad to interview you instead of rehashing the news everybody else has covered already.

Many bloggers do interviews. In the SEO industry SEO Book and Search Engine People do for instance. These are some of the best authority links you can get. Don’t approach me wanting to get interviewed when I have never before heard of you.

Doing Something Linkable

Do something linkable aka remarkable. Just think about architecture and green blogs. Architecture blogs write about new buildings built by architects mostly. Green blogs mention seemingly each and every project that is a hope for a more environmentally friendly future. Even the most obscure endeavor get publicity there. Te more bizarre the more attention it gets on social media.

I will feature more of such news aboout the growing SEO industry. In other niches it’s already common place as my examples show. Also doing somthing remarkable makes you a more interesting interview partner.

Creating A WordPress Plugin

Do you know the LinkWithin related posts plugin? It’s not even a plugin, it’s more of a widget. It has PageRank 7 so speak in old school SEO terms and an incredible amount of link. Just check it with your favorite tool like Open Site Explorer, Majectic SEO or Blekko. It’s not even good at finding related posts, they barely match the topic of each post. Still myriads of blogs use it. This is probably the best case study of how the SEO 2.0 way of getting links overtrumps the tedious “link building”.

Create a better one and you’ll get even more links. Many attempted this with social media buttons but this is already a crowded market. I’d use a good related posts plugin with image preview but haven’t found a perfect one yet.

Directory Inclusion

Some of the most important blogs out there, think TechCrunch e.g. have their own directories. You have probably noticed, I have added a directory section on SEO 2.0 as well. You can’t submit your site to it. It’s a very high quality niche SEO directory. I will only add SEO service providers I already know, trust and can recommend. Be it SEO companies, SEO bloggers, SEO software vendors or whomever fits in. I have added some of my favorite SEO companies to it already, many more will follow. There is a paid option as well for those who are eligible in the first place.

In case I know you already you may get a paid directory entry with highly optimized title, headline, description and contact info. It includes up to 5 meaningful links for users ans search engines alike no “click here” crap. Search for [Relentless Technology] to see their entry on #3 for their name. The basic entry is free but as I said I don’t accept submissions.

How do you know that I know you? Well, have I linked to you in the past here or on SEOptimise? Are you on this Twitter list or tagged best SEO website design here on Delicious? Do I follow you on LinkedIn?

Other search marketing blogs offer directories as well: just check out the SEOmoz, Econsultancy and Blogstorm directories.

What else can you do? Focus on getting links instead of building links. Getting links means you get them almost as a side effect. You don’t submit somewhere.

The best links are those you deserve not those you build manually.

Change your approach. As a die hard old school you won’t get links. It’s not 2004 anymore.

Offsite SEO is similar to having sex, either you do it yourself (link building), you pay for it (paid links) or you invest in relationships so that you’ll get it forever for free (getting links as in SEO 2.0)!