How to Get Any Story Buried on Digg

Do you believe in magic? I do. Especially if it can be done by anyone.

Digg is a place where any Apple or game console marketer can succeed quickly in getting thousands of visitors. He just has to mention the magic words Apple, iPod or iPhone and add something totally ridiculous to the headline. Something like “I ate my iPhone” or “How my iPod saved my life” or “Apple created an iPhone out of bacteria”. That’s not magic, that’s business as usual on Digg.

So while it’s that easy to get on the Digg front page and most people who try to game Digg know it, it’s not as easy to get your competitors buried on Digg it seems. Of course you can submit any story written by your rival from a made up Digg account with no friends and then use a boring as hell headline and a description full of mipsplelings but I discovered a surefire way to get any story buried in Digg despite of its source, topic, quality and popularity.

How do I know?

I wrote a guest post for a popular blog that was on Digg prior to this but my story was buried while being wildly popular at the same time. It received 50 diggs in 4 hours, even having some Digg power users who I truly respect among those voting. At first I assumed it was an administrative step to bury it because usually you get plenty of hate comments on Digg and this one got none. The contrary was the case, only three friendly comments appeared altogether.

I wouldn’t have submitted the story myself as I think Digg is worth a pile of shit, it’s anti-social censorship not social news, it’s an apolitical Apple public relations playground full of hatred against anyone who is not 200% US American mainstream. Somebody else did anyways. So I watched it closely in disbelief.

Now I rechecked the history of similar stories again, I knew it before, but I checked it once again to prove the point that any story containing the three magical letters S, E, O in it’s title will get buried unless the story stems from or is about Google or covers why SEO is abominable.

So if you hurry up and use the magic acronym “SEO” on an article by the A-list blogger you hate before he can submit it you can get the story buried. Why? Diggers who bury SEO stories do not read them as the number of referers from Digg was in my case below the number of diggs. I assume that some readers voted after reading the story on the blog. They clicked the Digg voting button. Nonetheless if you get 60 diggs and just 50 visitors from Digg it seems to me that those who buried the story did not visit in the first place.

Moreover the statistical data is overwhelming, while many of the most popular stories in many cases contain terms like “Apple, iPod, iPhone” in their titles, only 8 stories with “SEO” in the title made the front page this year, but the last one

  1. Digg – Google Acquires SEO Company in DoubleClick Deal
  2. Digg – Why Diggers Hate SEOs

So basically it comes down to ignorance:

Add “SEO” to any story and test it. It’s fun, it’s amusing, it’s exposing Digg.

If the title does not make sense with “SEO” in it, just add it in front: “SEO: Apple sold to Microsoft”.

Btw. do not digg this story! It’s not a Digg bait, I not only do not care for Digg, I also treat it like a potential DDoS attacker. I want decent people to laugh about Digg and turn their backs on it. I welcome them at StumbleUpon and other really social media.