How I Outranked Matt Cutts for the Term SEO in 7 Easy Steps


Do you know Matt Cutts? This famous cat blogger with the ugly WordPress theme?

Yes, I know he is only famous because he works at Google and he can shatter lives of people who depend on online revenue with one click. While most SEO 1.0 aficionados dread this guy and pray each day not to get penalized (why does this word sound so similar to “penis”? Is it because people do not want to get f****d by Google?) I do not read his blog for at least 10 reasons.

So the people unfamiliar with SEO 2.0 still assume that Matt Cutts is an authority on SEO while he only tells you stuff everybody already knows or at least should, like content is king, hidden text is bad, Google wants you to use link condoms or you get f****d.

Thus he ranked #1 for SEO blog for a long time (now third). As Google is too stupid to notice that SEO 2.0 is a blog I do not rank well for SEO blog. Besides I aim at the more important and broad term SEO.


While it took me only 2 months to enter the top 100 for the term SEO for the first time, now I accidentally discovered that I just outranked Matt Cutts for it.

Yes I outrank Matt Cutts for the term “SEO” in at least as viewed from Europe.

As it wasn’t very difficult to achieve that I will tell you how I did it. Not that it took me real work or I aimed at outranking Matt Cutts, I get most of my traffic via non-Google sources anyways. Still I want to show you the insurmountable dominance of SEO 2.0

Also you too can outrank Matt Cutts for the term SEO. It’s easy.

Follow these steps:

  1. Set up a blog
  2. Pick a short name for it that starts with SEO, keep the 2nd term short, not more than 5 characters, something like SEO bitch (if you love Gangsta Rap), SEO Meteo (if you’re french), SEO Spam (to gain support from Internet newbies and Digg users).
  3. Set up a subdomain on your old “authority” domain
  4. Blog something like 3 times a week
  5. Use Sphinn and StumbleUpon to gain authority
  6. Socialize with other (SEO) bloggers
  7. Do not give a damn about Google traffic, link building (let the links come to you), meta tags etc.

And there you are outranking Matt Cutts for SEO.

OK, now you might argue that I still rank at #88 while Matt Cutts ranks at #89 but I told you, rankings do not matter that much in SEO 2.0 – most blogs get direct traffic or social media traffic so you don’t need Google. Only SEO spammers need Google ;-)