Hey You! Your Blog Has Been Hacked!

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Yes, your blog! I am talking to you. At least if you found me via Technorati or other vanity search methods. This blog post here explains one way how you can find out whether your blog has been compromised and advertises Viagra, Phentermine and online casinos. I checked mine and then I checked others.

I found out that for instance these blogs have been hacked by spammers:

Are you one of them? Check your source code. Some blogs aren’t hacked on the front page but certain posts are.

When I tried to contact one of those bloggers, I noticed that he makes it very difficult to contact him. No email address to be found neither on LinkedIn nor on his site. I surely will not pay to upgrade my LinkedIn account just to tell you that you’re hacked.

Do you know other methods to test whether your blog has been hacked by spammers? Add them in the comments.

Btw.: If you are one of those Internet newbies who mistake SEOs for spammers: I did not hack you, so before you sue me:

I am the guy who told you that you’re blog has been hacked!