Great Niche Social News Sites for Bloggers and Internet Entrepreneurs

Niche social news sites are one of the most important pillars of an SEO 2.0 strategy.

Only by taking part in niche communities you are able to deeply connect with your peers who then support you elsewhere on the Web.

I’ve done that on several niche social sites. These sites here are best for bloggers, designers and Internet entrepreneurs that don’t focus on SEO.

I’ve listed the best ones in my opinion already twice. See

Most of the niche social sites I’ve recommended in the past are still strong or even more popular than they were when I introduced them. Thus I’d like to introduce more great niche social news sites for bloggers and Internet entrepreneurs that have caught my attention in the recent weeks.

This time I recommend these niche communities:


the-web-blend-logoThe Web Blend covers a whole range of geeky topics, from Apple to WordPress. Still it’s much more cozy than the average tech community.


MMO Social Network LogoThe MMO Social Network deals with all topics related to generating an income online. Be it social media, blogging or affiliate marketing.


blogengage-logoBlog Engage embraces all kinds of bloggers not just bloggers who blog about blogging. You can select from a wide range of topics and vote stories or or down.


You aren’t a blogger or Internet entrepreneur? Become one.

I’ve explained that you can only become free by changing your mindset and become an Internet entrepreneur. Both bloggers and designers can do that with ease as they already provide value in a digital medium.


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