Google+ Embedded Post Test

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So called embedded posts have just been introduced on Google+. Personally I am quite wary of any new Google services or features. I fell on my face too often.

What’s good for Google is not automatically good for you.

Yes, I still ban Google search here on this blog but I use Google+ frequently. I also still use Google Analytics and Google Webfonts among others. So I am willing to give Google a chance each time. Do embedded posts from Google+ make sense? Let’s just try to make them work:

To assess the value of this new feature my questions are:

  1. Will someone engage with them directly from the post?
  2. Can people visit the link mentioned in the post directly or will they have to go to Google+ first?
  3. Is the content really on my blog or do I just include a frame like with YouTube?

As to #1: I don’t know yet, it’s your turn. When it comes to #2 the answer seems to be yes. The last question has to remain unanswered as of now, technically there is no frame I can see in the source code but the content isn’t on my site either.

Any other questions you’d like to have answered?