For Design, Usability and SEO Simplicity Is Key

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During August I collected 5 articles which had one thing in common: Simplicity. Their focus differed substiantally. It was either design, usability or SEO but in all three cases simplicity and simplifying the user interface aka website was key for each discipline.

As I probably mentioned before in SEO 2.0 we do not concentrate solely on search engines, or other media that drive traffic. We try to optimize the overall user experience. From this perspective, design, usability and SEO are all part of the same process and not different disciplines.

  1. 50 Tips to Unclutter Your Blog
  2. Simple websites are easy to use, easy to understand, nice to look at…
  3. Creating natural websites
  4. 10 Monochrome Websites
  5. Website Usability: How Can You Improve It?

Skellie (1.) gives you 50 examples how you can simplify your blog interface. Information Architects Japan (2.) explain the more philosophical aspects of simplicity while Improve the Web (3.) shows that simple is natural. The tutorial Blog (4.) collects websites that already did it right. Ask Enquiro (5.) lists several aspects of good SEO, simplicity among them.

So keep it simple baby!