Flash Rocks!

When 9 months ago I wrote the article “8 Main Reasons for the Demise of Flash” over at Fadtastic my goal was not to get rich and famous but to stir discussion. Still in love with my former darling Flash I haven’t lost all hope. Maybe her father Adobe would make her love me again or rather make me love her again?

Indeed I knew that he wouldn’t so the article was very pessimistic. Nonetheless I promised at the end of it that I would write a follow up describing the cases where Flash does make sense indeed.

Today I noticed a hugely popular blog post at the social news site I love to hate: Digg.

It was called plainly “Flash Sucks” or in the Digg teaser version “Why Flash Sucks” and garnered over 2000 diggs in less than 19 hours after being posted.

What the hell? The guy, apparently Mike, whose blog I like and knew earlier, this time wrote a really repetitive and clumsy post recounting some well know facts of those I presented in greater detail last year.

So I decided to compile the 7 cases where Flash really rocks!

  1. Flash Video/FLV is the only platform and browser independent video format that makes sense nowadays and works without a fuss. Every Youtube-like Site uses it.
  2. Photographer’s sites in HTML/CSS look like galleries in old supermarkets. They lack the flair of Flash. I still love Flash sites for photographers.
  3. Decent fonts! Ever used Vista? The crappy font anti-aliasing is an offence to the eye of the reader! Ever tried to shut it off? Then even the XP-like anti-aliasing of headlines is gone so they look really Web 0.0. In any case most websites have ugly fonts on Vista. Flash or sIFR is the solution! sIFR is made in Flash of course.
  4. Non-grid layouts have become so rare as CSS is already proud of stuff like rounded corners. In Flash you can really design. Flash sites astonish me still after 10 years on the net. I love clean CSS designs for their simplicity, but my heart beats faster when my eyes rest upon the beautiful rounded forms of Flash interfaces.
  5. Hollywood movies, the major ones at least, always have an animated Flash website. In some cases it is overloaded and annoying but in many cases I feel overwhelmed by the creative movie sites.
  6. Car sites that show the cars from different angles, animated and with zoom functions rock although I ride a bike and use public transport.
  7. Flash is great for SEO! There is nowhere so much to do for search engine optimizers as with Flash sites. People who can afford Flash sites also can pay well for SEO. In most instances the results are great as Google really almost ignores Flash so after creating a parallel HTML version the clients are satisfied.

Now you see that Flash rocks in several cases. So crash my server! I’m on shared hosting. Of course Flash is not dead yet as a whole. The focus simply changed.