DM-Bloodless IE 6 Sidebar Incompatibility Problem Discovered and Solved

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While adding a small widget in my footer I noticed that my theme, DM-Bloodless, which I consider the best black/white WordPress theme of all times, has a minor flaw.

In Internet Explorer 6 there is a problem in displaying the sidebar/s if you use pictures in your posts. IE 6 will then remove the sidebar/s from the the right side and place one or both of them at the bottom below the rest of the content.

I checked some blogs that use DM-Bloodless and found out that it only happens to those that use inline pics in the content.

IE 6 is a browser many people still use although it’s kind of a time bomb that can explode anytime (thus called Exploder).

You just have to change one byte or character of code to fix this IE problem. Open your stylesheet in the “Theme Editor” you will find in the presentation tab of your WordPress blog admin and reduce the sidebars margin from 15px to 10px in line 97.

Just remove the whole line

#sidebars { float: left; width: 385px; margin-left: 15px; font-size: 90%; }

and replace it with

#sidebars { float: left; width: 385px; margin-left: 10px; font-size: 90%; }