Digg Traffic Worst Compared to 3 Other Social Sites ;-)

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It’s no secret that SEO 2.0 has more traffic from social media than from search, mostly due to it’s popularity on StumbleUpon and Sphinn. Indeed direct traffic equaled search traffic with 15% each during the last 30 days.

These days weren’t really very busy outside the huge buzz around the Google browser. I got several dozens of links immediately from other blogs as well as sites and for a few days I got thousands of visitors from numerous sources.

So while at it and during the remaining of the last 30 days nothing much happened, besides, yes, besides that I got in a way “popular” on Digg (where I was buried before reaching the frontpage) and 3 other social sites where you’d rather not expect any significant traffic numbers.

As this blog is obviously an SEO blog it’s important to note that it can’t get on the frontpage of Digg.

Digg blacklists sites that deal with SEO.

So if you’re after alternative traffic sources for a topic or blog that gets blacklisted at Digg as well (and you have tried StumbleUpon already) you might want to know how these sites performed: Mixx, Social|Median, Twitter.

As the sheer traffic or number of visits does not tell you much about the real people visiting your site I combined the number of visits with three other metrics of user engagement.

Social Site Visits (Visits – Bounces)
Bounce Rate Time on Site Pages per Visit
Digg 125 (17) 86,40% 00:37 1.22
Mixx 216 (25) 88.43% 01:01 1.19
Social|Median 166 (27) 83.73% 01:29 1.33
Twitter 168 (20) 88.10% 01:11 1.21


What’s apparent, all of these numbers are indeed very insignificant. Still it’s more than most blog links brought and the people who populate these social sites are the most active users of the social web, the early adopters and power users. Anyways having just 20 – 30 people per month really visit you without bouncing shows that these sites do not matter as much as you’d like them to.

Take also note that Digg is the worst performer of all these sites. The post I got on Digg had 200 diggs in 24h, several others have been submitted to Digg too but the traffic was so poor.

So what’s the most important outcome of this not only humorous post? Even Twitter is better than Digg!